Venture Team is our flagship program

Our program closely mentors students, providing them with the best resources for succeeding in VC and tech.

Applications are LIVE. Due 2/16 11:59PM EST.

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The next round of applications will open Feb 9th.
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Applications are LIVE. Due 9/29 11:59PM EST.

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The next round of applications will open in Spring 2024.
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Program Overview

Open to first and second year students only.

Our intensive semester-long program aims to equip students with a wide-ranging skill set, particularly emphasizing venture capital. Our aim is to empower students with both a strong skill set and valuable resources, positioning them for success in their future careers. Students will finish with over four portfolio projects* including an early-stage pitch, a growth equity stage pitch with DCF valuation, an industry pitch and investment thesis, and IPO analysis.

See examples of projects here.

Note that no prior experience in investing is needed, but a strong curiosity in technology and venture capital is encouraged!

Sample Work

Your work can become an opportunity

Jahow Yu

Series G

Alumni Story

Jahow joined SVS as part of Series G in his sophomore year. Through the Venture Team curriculum, he conducted research and pitched the then Series A digital marketing start-up Lunchbox Technologies.

Later, he reached out to the founders of Lunchbox with his pitch. They extended him a summer internship offer, and he ended up working for them for over a year!

SVS strongly developed Jahow's interest in venture capital and growth equity, and he will be working at Adams Street as a full-time analyst this year.

Investment Thesis

The opportunity-winning pitch


What to expect

Students finish the program with 5+ portfolio projects which include

  • Early-stage pitch

  • Growth equity stage pitch with DCF valuation

  • Industry pitch with an investment thesis

  • IPO analysis

  • Industry report

In addition, we also teach them pertinent and applicable skills throughout the program such as

  • Company metrics evaluation

  • Financial analysis and modeling

  • Product casing and frameworking

  • Modern slide design principles

  • Interviewing and recruiting prep

Full curriculum outline


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Questions about our programs?

The best way to get them answered and see if the program is a good fit for you is to request our e-board for a coffee chat! We would love to meet and talk with you. You can redirect any quicker questions to our instagram @nyusvs.

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