Venture Team

Last semester, we introduced a brand-new 10-week mentorship program called the Venture Team. Our aim with this mentorship program was to educate members, introduce them to the world of venture capital, and give them the skills necessary to be successful in this field and any related fields. 

We've designed our curriculum to teach members the operational, financial, and technical aspects of a startup through project-based learning.

Applications Open: Sunday, September 16th

Applications Close: Friday, September 21st



Over the course of the 10-week intensive program, we teach students skills in all pertinent areas to give them a well-rounded knowledge that will set them up for success in whatever careers they seek in the future. Specifically, some of the topics we teach members throughout the program are:

  • Company metrics evaluation

  • Financial analysis and modeling

  • Data processing and analysis

  • Modern slide design principles


Application Process

Our application process consists of three main parts: the application questions, first round interview, and final round interview.

With each of these steps, we're looking to understand more of your thought process rather than if you got the answers right or wrong so don't worry! In the questions, we want you to learn a bit more about what in the startup or tech world excites you and in the interviews, we tend to test general tech/VC knowledge (don't worry, we'll give you resources to prepare for these interviews).