We partner with VC firms and tech startups

Our Post-Mentorship Program allows SVS members to apply their learnings to real-world projects.


Our Post-Mentorship Program

The Post-Mentorship Program is the program which houses all of our external work. It provides members the opportunity to practically apply lessons from Venture Team on real projects outsourced from VC and startup partners.

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Historically, we have worked with companies in the following matters:

Sourcing Investment Opportunities

Our students have assisted partners in the sourcing process, from lead generation to further diligence, analysis, and investment recommendations.

Industry Research / Deep Dives

Our students have provided partners with in-depth industry research, leveraging NYU databases and our own students' insights.

Portfolio Company / Startup Assistance

Our students have assisted in strategic initiatives for portfolio companies of our partner VCs as well as partnered startups.

Partners we have worked with

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